Low Back and Hip Pain

Myofascial pain syndrome of the low back and hips is caused by pain producing “trigger points”(TrP) in the gluteus medius muscle. Some patients will refer this as “a pain in the butt”. It is important to stress that myofascial pain syndrome can affect any muscle in the body, and in any area of the body. A common area affected can be in the upper back over the shoulder blade (scapula) area that is caused by trigger points in the trapezius muscle. The myofascial pain syndrome can even affect the side of the face, causing pain in the jaw, commonly affecting the tempero-mandibular joint TMJ).

For now we will focus on the how to relieve lower back and hip pain syndrome. To understand what causes the myofascial pain syndrome, we need to understand what causes it. The pain is caused by nodules (knots) causing areas of irritation in the muscle or fascia associated with the muscle. These trigger points (TrP) are areas of irritation within extremely tight bands of muscle and or fascia.

These irritations are caused by various traumas, such as engaging in sports, aerobic exercises, working out with weights and sudden falls. Another cause can be standing on one leg for extended periods of time without changing positions. This causes the muscles of the leg you are standing on to be become tired emergency plumber denver making them work harder so that they go into spasm. This spasm sets up areas of irritation that become trigger points. Another precipitant can be when the muscle becomes chilled. The chilling of a muscle can cause it to go into spasm, resulting in the same phenonemen that will result in trigger points.

One of the muscles that are very often affected in this manor is the gluteus medius. This muscle starts at the top of the ilium (hip bone) and is attached to the outside head of the thigh bone (femur). The function of this muscle is mainly to stabilize and keep the pelvis level while the individual is walking. This prevents the pelvis from dropping when raising the foot on the opposite side.

Pains are not always localized at the trigger point area. These trigger points can also cause radiating pain in surrounding tissues, or radiate into areas further from the trigger point site. Pains in the buttock, back of the thigh, the sacral area (the large triangular bone between the hips), and up into the side of the lumbar spine, are commonly affected sites.

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